About us

Who we are

Our firm has a singular mission —  to be the leader in data driven, applied ESG investment strategies in global public equity markets.

Our flagship strategy — The ECO Advisors ESG Absolute Return Strategy  — aims to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns with a low correlation to the global equity market utilising ESG considerations as the primary driver of security selection and a differentiated alpha source over the market cycle.

Our Investment Philosophy

We see finance and capital allocation as a powerful force for positive change, and believe that investors don’t have to choose between attractive investment opportunities, or allocating capital to drive positive impact.

Thanks to advances in ESG data science and utilising cutting-edge portfolio construction and risk analytics, we believe investors can achieve both —  and make better, more informed investment decisions.

Our goal is to deliver attractive, risk adjusted returns to our clients while promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 target 6 ( “Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices…”) through our investment allocations.

What we do

ECO Advisors utilise ESG data science and investment principles, combined with portfolio construction and risk management expertise, in order to provide attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors.

We are pioneers in the application of ESG integration principles at the investment fund level as well as the investment manager level.

We are a company that puts ESG and sustainable principles at the core of our business and business development.


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